Alright. Many draws in doodle battles are banned. This is a count of all the draws that are banned (that aren't anime because I have no idea what they can do) and why they are.

Ban List

One Punch Man: (well, he can one punch and kill anything and he's basically invincible soo)

Superman: (has too many powers and reasons above)

Mega maths: (things that can do calculations like a computer, super intelligent, things like Geometry)

Prioritinator (makes a thing have almost infinite priority, banned because it was used in combination with Destroyinator and we decided to ban it too)

Energy equal to or surpassing of the sun (This energy is fine on its own, but when eaten by something that converts energy into bad things that kill people, it's quite a problem. Nanobot swarm.)

Destroyinators (they destroy themselves to instantly one-shot someone's draw, when drawn in multiple forms, you can take out an entire team and still have a draw left, banned for OP and ruining the meta.)

Black Holes: (this is banned for obvious reasons.)

Sonic Screwdriver: (IDK, that wasn't me)

Mongolian Death Worm (above reasons)

Anything from Anime (Everything from Anime is OP. If you wish to draw something from anime, you must

get approval from a judge.)

Speedsters (Flash, Zoom, Etc.) (Speedsters are too OP and hard to kill, not to mention they attempt to bend the rules of a doodle battle.)

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