Confucian Death Worm is a draw currently claimed by Temaculous Tem


Confucian Death Worm is a more religious and Chinese Death Worm than the Mongolian Death Worm making it not that OP. If you don't know what a Death Worm is it is a giant worm that lives underground and it can spit acid and harness some lightning. The Confucian Death Worm is a Death Worm that teaches the philosophy of Confucius

There are many ways to defeat the Confucian Death Worm. Most attacks will do damage and a big attack will most likely kill it.


There are three moves that a Confucian Death Worm can make and they are listed below.

Good Morals: The Confucian Death Worm has five good morals that it can use throughout a game to clear insanity, make something good, or heal it. This is a very effective move for defensive plays.

Acid Spit: The Confucian Death Worm does not have the same acid power and lightning powers of a Mongolian Death Worm, but it can spit a glob of acid at something that will do significant damage.

Minor Lightning: The Confucian Death Worm has some minor control over lightning and it can be harnessed every other turn. Lightning is not guaranteed to kill a draw.

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