What the cheese is a Doodle Battle?

Alright. First off, Doodle Battling is not trying to draw something better than someone else. (That actually happened once.)

Doodle Battling is basically Super Smash Bros for anything. Find something in science class, use it! (as long as it's good)

It has been around for a long time, longer than I can remember. (I dunno)

In a Doodle Battle, there are three people (two people and a judge.) Someone decides who goes first (No one cares how) and that person gets to draw somthing first, and go first. (going second allows you to draw things that counter their things, so drawing second is considered an advantage.)

So, the first person draws something. It cannot be something someone has drawn before and claimed as their own. (These things will be written down sometime in the near future) This is called a claim. When someone claims something, and they draw it, it's theirs. No exceptions. (Unless they allow you to.) If someone asks you what it does, you must explain FULLY. Repeat until each person has a predetermined number of draws.

They then fight. You can only do one thing per turn, automatically done things will probably be discussed beforehand.

Judges always have the final decision and must be un-biased.

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